2021-2022 Fundraisers

Pizza and Poinsettias!

We are excited to launch our Fall Fundraiser, Pizza and Poinsettias!
These two wonderful products can be ordered online, and picked up from our school location in Battle Ground. Please see the information below for product info, ordering details and delivery dates:

Roadrunner Pizza, cost $10.00 each:

Large cheese, pepperoni & combination pizzas on a 16” baking tray. Roadrunner pizzas are made with fresh dough and are as good or better than any Take-N-Bake Pizzas on the market. These quality pizzas arrive frozen with a shelf life of 3 months. Simply thaw or “proof” the pizza to reactivate the yeast. The pizza will rise during the thawing period and continue to rise in the oven.

Pizza Delivery Date: November 19, 2021

New Leaf Greenhouse Poinsettias: Red, Pink, and white poinsettias are available as 6″ single plant pots ($14), and 8″ double plant pots ($24). 6″ Singles will have 5-7 flowers, and stand about 12″ tall. 8″ Doubles will have 7-12 flowers, and will be about 14″ tall. Height can vary depending on how much sun we have in the autumn.

Poinsettia Delivery Date: December 3rd, 2021

To Order:

Payment: Invoices will be sent within 24 hours of order submission

Thanks for your continued support to our school!

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