With Thanks: Stream Team and CKP/SS Serve-a-Thon Fundraiser

Columbia Kids Preschool and Sprouting Seeds Schools are unique. From the co-op structure and educational model to the tight knit community that is created inside the walls of our school- it is a learning environment that is not easy to find or even to define! But it is something that once experienced can be understood.

A metaphor that we use in our school is that of a seed being planted, then sprouting, and finally bearing fruit. Some of the seeds that are planted in the children are of curiosity, collaboration, community, and problem solving. It would make sense that to cultivate these seeds, one would need to have opportunity to go out into the world and practice on a large scale; outside the four walls of our school.

That is why this year we partnered with Clark County Stream Team on Make a Difference Day with a Serve-a-Thon. Planting trees on a cold and muddy morning was one small way help our children (and our parents) practice the life skills mentioned above.

Getting our bearings and watching those first few trees make their way into the ground

Donors could pledge per tree planted or just give an outright monetary donation. The response from donors was overwhelmingly positive, and many families worked really hard to gather pledges! In total the event planted over a thousand trees and our schools were able to raise significant funds for our school! While we are still tabulating the totals (pledges are still rolling in!), we know that it is bringing us closer to our annual fundraising goal.

We are extremely grateful for these monetary gifts. Donations enable our program to remain affordable and accessible. They allow families of Clark County to be a part of a rich experiential learning community for children and grown-ups alike. If you are interested in donation opportunities, please click here to visit the donate page of our website. Donations are tax deductible and every little bit helps.

With Love,
Columbia Kids Preschool and Sprouting Seeds School

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